“If you were in physical pain, you’d see that as a signal to slow down and maybe check in with a physio. YMHW does that for emotional pain,” Aston says. “ Using language that people are already familiar with through fitness. For example, the strength and flexibility we get from looking after our mental health, feeling aligned or having an emotional range of movement.”

Zoë Aston - THE TIMES

Her mission is timely: not only are mental health problems increasingly talked about, they’re also changing. Social media has fuelled a rise in anxiety, Aston believes, and eating disorders are becoming more complex — no longer thought of as either anorexia or bulimia, but also binge-eating, grazing and the new “healthy eating disorder”, orthorexia.

Zoë Aston - Evening Standard

"Through things like mental health first aid training and bringing in experts such as myself, fitness and wellness brands are becoming increasingly able to spot when someone might be suffering – and more capable to offer support.’ 

Zoë Aston - METRO

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